WILTON Candy Melts White


Wilton Candy Melts candy makes it deliciously easy to add vanilla-flavoured candy to desserts, snacks and more.
Whether you melt it in the microwave or double-boiler method the melted candy iare easy to use and mould. Dip treats in melted candy, drizzle melted candy over desserts or pipe melted candy from a Candy Melts Decorating Bag. No matter what you want coated or decorated with candy Candy Melts make it easy. Package instructions walk you through the melting process for success every time.
The bright white colour works great for Halloween ghosts, snowmen, school colours and anytime you want a bright white treat. Or, use Candy Colours to tint the melted Candy Melts candy to the desired shade. No matter whether you're making dipped strawberries, pretzels, cookies or other treats, Candy Melts candy makes it easy.
Made on equipment that also processes peanuts
Versatile, creamy and easy-to-melt wafers
Made from premium ingredients for good melting and taste
Suitable for candy making-moulding, dipping or coating
Suitable for cake decorating purpose
Bag contains 340g