WILTON Candy Melts Bright Pink


Versatile, creamy and easy-to-melt wafers are ideal for all of your candy making, molding, dipping or coating. Delicious vanilla-flavored Candy Melts are perfect for dipping. Melt in the microwave or use your Candy Melts Melting Pot for quick and easy dipping, drizzling and decorating. Also great for molding handmade candies using silicone or plastic candy molds.
12 oz. Bag Candy Melts Candy wafers
Dip, drizzle and decorate cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries and more
Make homemade candy in unique shapes using candy molds (sold separately)
Delicious vanilla-flavored, easy-melting wafers
This product is susceptible to warm temperatures, it can melt in transit if subjected to warm temperatures. It is still usable, but may not arrive in original shape.

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